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Founded in 1994 as a small family business, based in Piatra Neamt, Jiffy Packaging Romania is nowadays a unit of Jiffy Packaging Europe Group, providing foam products for protection and packaging of different goods (furniture, glassware, ceramics and automotive components), PE foam, air bubble films and high-performance products, which are used as insulating materials in the construction industry.
Initially, in the autumn of 1994, the company (named “Petroflax SA” at the time) was established to manufacture rubber gaskets for extraction plants and oil refineries from Romania; during the subsequent years, the company constantly developed the products’ range and the good financial results made possible a remarkable turnaround – changing of the production profile.
So, in 1998, specific equipment has been bought and the company started to produce PE foam.
In 1999 - the PE foam rolls started to be converted into a range of foam products; this sector has been developed constantly, at the moment producing a large range of sheets, bags, mattresses, high performances, laminated PE films.
2000-2006 - new storage facilities were built while the production capacity has been increased as volume, and the range of products was developed.
July, 2007 - Petroflax was acquired by Pregis Corporation, a global leader in packaging industry with more facilities in Europe and North America; company’s name has been changed accordingly, in Pregis Company.
2007 - 2014 was a period in which the organizational culture was reshaped, the employment relations have been put on a new foundation, the openness to Europe has increased; more new products (high density foam, bubble foil, corrugated foam) have been launched, in order to cover new market requirements.
May, 2014 - Pregis Corporation Europe was acquired by Airpack, S.p.A, Italy, and the company’s name has been changed in Jiffy Packaging, a name highly regarded and renowned for manufacturing quality for more than 50 years in the UK unit.
June, 2019 - Jiffy Packaging SA was acquired by Abriso Group, Belgium, the group has 1600 employees in 19 factory located in 11 contries and has an annual turnover of 250 million euros.
Jiffy Packaging Romania products’ range is wide and in a continuous developing process, expressing the flexibility and adaptability of the company to the domestic and external market requirements (approx. 65 % of products are delivered on the European market), closely following the key trends of our time.
With a local management team and a total headcount of 185 employees, Jiffy Packaging Romania has developed a profitable company profile, having always in mind:
1. Operational excellence: quality, reliability, on-time delivery
2. Technical improvement optimization
3. Sustainability
4. Spread management
5. Employees motivation.
Jiffy Packaging employees’ profile is:
- results’ oriented with a strong sense of responsibility
- assertive and customer- oriented attitude
- strong, dynamic personality with business approach and flexibility
-must be a well organized and enthusiastic individual, with strong interpersonal and written communication skills, passionate by innovation and for excellence
-excellent problem solver
-stress resistant .
In change, Jiffy Packaging Romania offers an attractive working environment in a dynamic and continuously growing company with opportunities for initiative and professional development on-the-job and attractive remuneration package.
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